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The book I helped design is now out!

This book cover was a real labor of love. Literally - it's written by my wife, Marcy.

She has a wonderful way with language. This book's writing prompts really get you thinking in new and unusual ways. There's over 100 writing prompts and illustrations inside, with space to write your story right in it.

When she asked me to design the cover I first said, well yes OF COURSE, but also the word "whimsy" hit me like a hammer made of marshmallow - enough to surprise yet not hard enough to do any permanent damage.

I looked to Victorian-era brochures and book plates for inspiration. Then I pulled out the ol' Apple Pencil and iPad and went to work. Had to look up some drawing references for the flowers and I'm really happy with the results.

This will be the first in a series of "Words of ..." prompt books that Marcy will be publishing. And she's already asked me to design the cover of her next prompt book, which will be out in October.

Another satisfied customer!

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