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Another book I designed is now available: Words of the Odd & Eerie

The thing you need to know about my wife is: She's hard to keep pace with sometimes. One morning she told me, "I should write another prompt book ... this time for Halloween." And the next day, "Can you design a book cover that looks like it came straight from the Scholastic Books catalogue when we were kids?" Then, "Hey the book's done can you do that cover?"

OK maybe it didn't happen that fast but it felt like it.

I remembered the Scholastic hallmarks: Bright colors, jaunty illustrations.

Through this filter we got to work. She said she wanted a haunted house and some jack-o-lanterns. Maybe a graveyard. It all has to be on a dark purple background.

The rest, as they say, is history. You can get "Words of the Odd & Eerie" through Marcy's website and on Amazon.

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