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Custom Poetry

Ever seen your name in print? 


I mean, in real print? The kind that punches that moniker into the paper and makes it a permanent ink-filled declaration that is YOU?

There's nothing like seeing your name, and a whole poem about you, wrought through a typewriter. There's no Delete key. No going back. Just you and the words - sweet, surprising, rhyming words that tell a story about YOU.

For a few bucks I'll write a poem about you, or anyone else you like (personal poems make great gifts!). Just complete the form below and we'll get started on one of my typewriters that are likely older than both of us.

Recent Custom Poems

Let Me Tell Your Story ...

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What Style of Poem Would You Like?
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This is a custom poem about you or whomever you tell me to write about. It's a one-of-a-kind piece of custom art. I cannot accept returns for your poem. However, if I screw up something I will make every effort to make it right!

All orders in the United States will be shipped ground within 10 (ten) business days upon receiving your information, or unless otherwise notified. International orders ship USPS first class. If you would like insurance on your package, or your order delivered faster, please message me or include this in your message when you place your order so that the extra cost may be applied. Shipping costs include packaging and handling.

Your poem information is being sent to my brain!

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