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How to make a mural (a step by step guide)

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

STEP 1: Get a wild idea with your friend to do a mural somewhere in Burbank, CA.

STEP 2: Mention this to another friend in downtown Los Angeles who has his typewriter business operating out of a creative arts space looking for a new mural on the front of the building.

STEP 3: Decide to do the mural in the L.A. Arts District as a fundraiser for a program that inspires kids to become artists.

STEP 4: Launch fundraiser.

STEP 5: Reach out o some wonderful and generous folks.

STEP 6: Fund the project in 19 days.

STEP 7: Figure out the budget and timeline over a beer.

STEP 8: Raid Lowes for all the painting supplies. Repeat at Blicks.

STEP 9: Prime the wall with black paint.

STEP 10: Have the kids from Create Now join you at As We Dwell for a fun afternoon of pizza and paint.

STEP 11: Spend four more days painting.

STEP 12: Step back and admire your tribute to creativity in all its forms.

For a full recap of the process, visit my profile on Instagram and click Muralin'.

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