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Gallery Show: The Art of Giving Art

Through the beginning of January McGinty's Gallery at the End of the World in Altadena is having an art-as-gifts sale.

Honestly it's not something I would have thought of for gifts years ago. But then I started thinking about how much care I put into selecting a greeting card for a special occasion. It's got to fit that person's personality .... it have to deliver an emotional pop ... it's got to be funny.

That's why I love greeting cards. They're like art ephemera - by their nature they're meant to be disposed of at some point.

Affordable art delivers all the emotional high and the reflection of someone's personality as a greeting card ... but without the throwaway aspect.

Maybe that's why I started making my own to sell. There are a few of them at this show.

At its opening I had maybe my most successful (and fun) night of poetry writing. I had some great subjects - travel, inspiration, skinny dipping. Small slips of paper unveiling a world familiar yet fictional, wrapped in rhyme. Imagination ephemera that people hold close, read over and over again, and eagerly show their spouse or friend or mom.

A few samples are below. For more you can check out my Instagram profile.

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